So today was the last day of week 3 of my new eating habits. I’ve been walking 1.7 miles, 5 days a week and eating between 1800 – 2000 calories every day.

Today was a very productive day. After a little shopping for necessities I went for a walk at the same strip mall I was shopping at. Today I did a 2 mile walk.

After returning home for lunch I spent the next 4 hours doing some much needed house cleaning. I’ve been neglecting doing the vacuuming, dusting, and several other household chores. I must say I rather enjoyed myself. It’s time I stop being so lazy before and after work.

So what’s happened after 3 weeks of hard work. I’ve lost a total of 24 lbs and can fit in my BIG jeans again. Actually they are rather baggy on me now which is a godsend. I never want to have to wear a size 50 jeans again!!! 315 lbs is the highest I’ve ever weighed and I never want to return to that weight.

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